UK Pickup

We can provide a door to door inbound service, whereby we can collect an item from any address on the U.K. Mainland and deliver it to your address in Spain.

Incoming Mail and Parcels

If you are experiencing difficulties in receiving mail or courier items in Spain, Easypost has the solution.

We have both a Royal Mail P.O. Box and courier depot address in the U.K. You can have your inbound mail or courier item sent to one of these addresses, and we will then bring it over to Spain for you. This service is of particular benefit if you are buying items from the U.K., for example on eBay, and the supplier will only send items to a U.K. address.

Simply register your details below and we will set up a receiving address in the UK and your forwarding details in Spain

Registration Form

Please include full names of all persons who will receive mail (e.g. Mr Peter S Rose, Mrs Susan J Rose & Miss Jennifer Rose)

Easy to Use

Our services are easy to use. We have local Mailpoints throughout Alicante province and into Murcia, from where we collect mail and courier items 5 days per week. Please see the Mailpoints Map tab to find your nearest Mailpoint.

Fast Delivery

Collected items are processed at our premises and flown out of Alicante Airport on the same day. This means that, whether your item is mail or courier, it will reach its destination quickly

Safe & Secure

Valuable and/or urgent items can be sent by any of a range of services, which provide additional insurance cover.